Friday, March 18, 2011

I keep forgetting to update this blog and it's a shame because so much have happened since IVF!

Well firstly we have been getting to know our Surrogate and that has been a wonderful journey in itself. She is one of these amazing women who seems to breeze through life. Everything she touches just works so I hope that rubs off when we get to the cycle. I have certainly found a friend in her no matter what lies ahead. She has made an offer we cannot put into words and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Late last year we had all the psychological assessments, meeting with the lawyers, counselling and health checks and finally in November the paperwork was submitted to Canberra Fertility Clinic. Their rules are that you must have a 3 month cooling off period and with Christmas and the NY that seemed to work well. So in Feb we were all set for the Ethics Committee to asses our eligibility and they postponed!! We were mortified! After waiting 4 months for this to be assessed they moved the date about an hour before they were meant to start the meeting. Grrrrrrr...

After we began breathing again the date came up fairly fast. On the 15th March the committee met and decided our fate. I would love to say that we know the outcome but WE DON'T and it's beginning to kill me! The clinic will be sent the paperwork and or any additional questions for our Dr, but it all has to be in a legal format and of course that takes a few days. Just a phone call would be nice but that's not the process... so we wait again.. biting nails and crossing everything we have.

To be honest we have talked about what we would do if they come back with a no, but that is just too hard to imagine. After all we have been through surely they cannot deny us this chance.

Oh and somewhere in all this the 9 embies were sent to Canberra and we got a call to say they had arrived safely. Phew! At least they are safe and sound!