Friday, June 29, 2012

Wonderful day

Happy is not a word I would use... we are extatic! Bruiser is perfect in everyway. The 19 weeks scan gave us continued hope we will get to have this little one in our arms. We cannot wait!


Our midwife appointment yesterday afternoon was exciting! We found out V is 2 cm's dilated!!! YAYYY.. things are happening :)

She also opted for the stretch and sweep where the midwife tries to get the membranes to detach from the cervix and start the process. At first V thought there might be a few niggles but a night of wishing didnt make it happen. Positive thinking will work!!!

It was so cute though, Toni the midwife touched bub's head and the heartrate went up! The little one got excited or annoyed that it's head was being poked. First human touch.. awwww. A big turning point.. this really is happening.. and soon!

Our bags are packed (have been for weeks) and we are ready.. READY, SET.. GO!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

38 + weeks

38 weeks... it feels like this is never going to happen.. and I am not the one with all the heavy baby :)

V is over it. Bruiser is getting bigger every day and is sitting very low which adds to the uncomfortable life she is living for us. Almost every time she goes out now someone says how "big or huge" she is and then they go into detail about how their last few weeks of pregnancy was so hard. It's their right as a mother to spill out stories of painful kicks, sore rob cages and breathless days. Cut the crap ladies. I know you dont generally get to whinge about those last few weeks of your pregnancies but seriously.. go find another pregnant lady to hassel!

Adrian and I have been pretty calm about everything and I was feeling really comfortable until last week when a girlfrield of mine had serious complications at birth and her little man Benjamin passed away. What happened to her was so reminiscent of what we went through with Sophie it was a little too close to the bone and it really affected me.

The problem is my anxiety was rubbing off on V which was terrible, so I have now taken a step back from my fears and I have realised this is different. There is no connection or correlation to my friend or what we went through with Sophie. She/He is safe and happy and will come out when He/She is ready. There is no way we can change our outcome we just have to ride the wave and believe this is our time.

So hurry up our time. V needs some sleep and we need a lack of sleep from staring at our beautiful little addition.

Monday, June 11, 2012

36 weeks!!

Slack, slack, slack with this posting business!! 36 weeks this week! Wow.... Bruiser is growing so beautifully and V is doing an amazing job, but well, is over it as you would expect :) Every day things are getting really hard for her so hopefully my being around is a good thing to help. Adrian was down for the long weekend and has just gone back :( My room at V's is full of stuff for Bruiser which I love having around. It makes me all warm and fuzzy! We have had a few midwife appts, all good and we have another one on Wednesday this week. After that there is one more appt then weekely visits. V is hoping we get to 37 weeks so we can be in the birthing area of the hospital rather than the delivery area. Looks like her wish will be granted :) I just hope we won't go over too far. We have a photo shoot this afternoon. V won a shoot in a competition with our story and it was going to be last Sat but Canberra was raining and dismal so it was postponed. Hopefully the sun will continue to try and stay out for us today! Last sat we also tried for a 4D scan. Tried is the word as there is not a whole lot of room in there anymore and we just couldn't get Bruiser to move her/his head to the scanner! We poked and prodded, V even jumped up and down but nope, bub was nooooot moving. We got some partial face shots bug that's about it. We really should have gone earlier!! Waiting, waiting, waiting. Bruiser will be here before we know it!