Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still no word on the No.3

I take the silence as a bad thing. I called IVF this morning to see how the 3rd embi was going and am waiting for the return call.

Yesterday it was trying to get there but I get the feeling it didn't make it :(

I hope I am wrong.

Still.. we have 2 beautiful frosties waiting for us :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3 to day 5...

Sunday afternoon we were out house hunting and we got the call to say we had 3 growing nicely. One at 10 cells and 2 at 8 cells! Great work team!!! We are so happy to get this far...This waiting game sure is hard though.. you live day by day watching and waiting for news and hoping that it is all good.

So Monday comes and goes and we wait again. Day 4 over without any hick ups.

Day 5, Tuesday afternoon arrives and we are told we have 2 healthy embies frozen and one which is now a Blastocyst but not far enough to freeze. Thy are waiting overnight to see how it progresses. We are crossing all our fingers and toes!

We have 2 frosties!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!! We now have 2 placed in cryostorage. They lower their temperature to that of liquid nitrogen (-196°C). At this temperature, embryos can be stored until they are needed for later transfer. A tiny droplet of cryopreservant fluid containing an embryo holds to its vitrification hook.. how amazing!

Now..bring on the 6 month wait...

Friday, February 19, 2010

1, 2, 3 fertilised!!

A phone call this morning at 9am from Heather was nerve racking. You always expect the worst.. it's human nature and let's face it the odds are against us. She asked me how I was feeling and I am good. A little tender but nothing too bad.

"We have good news for you" she said. "All 3 fertilised overnight"!!! I was expecting maybe 1 would not but all 3 is amazing. She told me the odds of that were pretty slim...YAYYYYY AGAIN!
Overnight we went from this...

to this!

Another wait till day 3. Please grow little embies.. grow, grow, grow. Your daddy and I are so excited and hope we can meet you one day.

PS I had a Nephew born today. 4.1 kilos, 52cm and healthy.. no name yet. A gorgeous brother for Oliver. I am so happy for them... I just wish Sophie Cleo could play and laugh with them. I hope she is watching everything that is going on. xo SCR

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First collection

Well we did it. At 10am this morning they were able to get 3 eggs! There were 5 follicles but only 3 had mature eggs. YAYYYYYYYY!!! To be honest I was not sure what to expect with the whole procedure but for me it was more emotional that painful. Knowing why we are here and what we have lost made it harder. Adrian was wonderful as he always is. I just wish I could give him what he deserves without all this hassle but we just can't...

So 3 is a start and now we play the waiting game again. The first step is they need to fertilise overnight. From then if they get to day 3 we get a call letting us know their progress. If they continue to day 5 they freeze them. I am crossing everything that we get them over the goal line. Just one for now.. we are not greedy.. just want something to focus on!

We also talked about continuing with the drugs for the next cycle. May as well get as many as we can! I can start the whole thing as soon as I get my next period!

I am grateful I have such a wonderful and understanding husband.

Cross, cross, cross...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New cycle - Day 14

Tuesday 16th Feb – More bloods and an Ultrasound. Today we have 2 at 21mm and 3 around 18mm. I have no idea how much is their minimum for continuing to retrieval? The wait continues! They look like this on the ultrasounds.
I am feeling a little low this morning. So scared that they will cancel because there aren't enough there. This roller coaster is harder than I thought. There are ups and downs almost every day and we are only at the start. I need to calm myself down because we are going to have to continue this for a while yet and I can’t keep being so unlevel. It’s hard though.. so hard. All we want is a couple to get to freeze and I can relax... we can go again but know that there are some there.

Got the call!!! At 2.15pm we are all set to go. 10pm tonight we 'trigger' and 9.30am Thursday we rock and roll!

New cycle - Day 13

Monday 15th Feb – Adrian came with me this morning and it was nice to see big blobs on the screen in front of us. We now have 2 on the right and 4 on the left which are around 18mm. So we lost a few over the weekend but the important ones have gotten bigger. Let’s hope we get the go ahead for collection!!! The waiting game begins again…
Phone call at 2.45pm to say come in again tomorrow for more bloods and another ultrasound. ‘Be prepared for the trigger for tomorrow afternoon’!!

New cycle - Day 10

Friday 12th Feb – Had a scan first thing with bloods. The last cancelled cycle at this point we had 5 follicles on the right at 7mm, not much on the left. This time around there were 7 on the right and 5 on the left ranging in size from 7mm to 15mm. They are meant to be around 17mm at this stage. The positive is they are doing something this time, reacting to the drugs and even if we get nothing this round we know we are heading in the right direction. The sonographer said ‘there should be something to work with there’.

I expected to wait all day for the results but at 11.20am I got the call. The next step is to have another ultrasound on Monday, more bloods and see the progress. YAY!!

New cycle - Day 7

Tuesday 9th Feb – Another blood test. At 2.30pm I am called to say continue with the same doses and come back on Friday for bloods and an ultrasound. Friday is a crap day because Adrian can’t be with me.. and that’s crap. I need him around when these things are happening for our future. This is the part where they decide to cancel or not. If the follicles are not growing fast enough they pull out. GROW YOU BEASTIES, GROW! I guess not changing the medication levels is a good sign but I am so nervous about it all. It just has to work. I am depending on it!

Some days I am prepared for failure after last time then other moments I am lost. Like right now. I could just cry for any reason. Here I sit at my work desk for all to see… public slaying of the freaked out chick out the front. I am sure everyone notices. I feel like they all do but maybe it’s all the hormones. I just feel shitty and sad and want to crawl into a hole. I want to go home and wish the next few days away without too much anxiety.

New cycle - Day 3

Friday 5th Feb - What a bad start to the day when you get on an un air-conditioned train and have to stand up all the way into the city with sweat dripping in places you don’t want it to! This is Sydney NOT Singapore!!

Second blood test and we wait again. I bruised yesterday so we had to do the other arm. At 1.10pm I got the phone call with the usual line “are you able to talk’ which generally sends me into complete fear like they are about to tell me something terrible! So tonight I start on Lucrin and the FHS Purgeon tomorrow. Back onto 2 jabs a day for a week. Tuesday I go back in for more bloods to see if we are on the right track. Oh I bloody well hope so!!

New cycle

Thursday 4th Feb - New cycle. Had a blood test today at IVF… wait all afternoon for the results. At 3.10pm Heather calls to tell me I need to come back tomorrow. My Estrogen levels are too high and the cycle would crash if we started the drugs today. WHAT??? I have my period how can they be too high? I asked why this happens and she said sometimes the hormone levels need time to respond to the cycle bleeding. I am going to know more about my body than I ever cared to know!

So I go in again tomorrow for the same test in the hope that my levels will go below 200 and we can start the drugs. The wait continues…