Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday.. another wait

I spent the day with Kylie and Amanda selling raffle tickets for Bears of Hope so it was a pretty emotional day. I can safely say I am completely shite at trying to force people to buy something! I failed dismally but we got some more awareness raised which is better than any dollar amount.

By 3.15pm we had still not heard anything from IVF.. it is so nerve racking waiting.. waiting! Kylie suggested I call them so I did. They were in the middle of freezing the day's eggs and freezing 3 of ours. No 4 is still trying to grow to that stage so we had to wait overnight.

Monday I left my mobile at home.. grrrr... but I was not expecting another call to be honest. When I got home there was a message telling us that all 4 had made the blacocyst stage and had been frozen!! 100% success this round... WOWWWWW... we now have 6 frosties. That in itself is 6 chances of having a real, live, screaming, gorgeous baby.. a brother or sister for Sophie Cleo. The road is a long one but we have started the hard journey... we are on our way honey!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 Fertilised!

I am sick as today. Adrian made me stay home from work which I was glad of. Just slept and tried to get this bug out of my system.

Around 11.30am I was woken up by the phone. Kent St nurse Heather was on the other end and had good news for us! All 4 fertilised overnight!!! YAYYYYY. First hurdle after collection done with.

The waiting game continues. Thursday we get the update, then Sat the decision to freeze if they survive and become blastocysts. Grow you good things GROWWWWW!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The collection went well. We got 4 healthy eggs this time which is a step up from last month!

Hopefully overnight they all partied and we have some fertilised eggies. Waiting for that phone call this morning and the waiting game to continue.

I didn't come out of it too well this time, almost threw up and passed out at the same time. Felt a lot more pain too... perhaps it was because I knew what was coming. As I said.. it's not a pleasant experience but so worth it. I have a fluey thing too which I am sure didn't help.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx fingers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Collection No.2

Sat morning we headed in for a 7am scan and blood test. There are 4 follicles at 14mm and one at 18mm. I expected them to call and say it is cancelled but at 12.30pm Heather called to say we can trigger at 1am! YAY!! The 5 are looking good.

I am nervous about this one. We were successful last time and this time there is pressure of a different kind. I want more then last time! The trouble is there might be 5 follicles but only 3 eggs like last time.. and then we might lost one again. I want 5 from 5!! I don’t want to have to go through all this another 3-4 times to get what we need but I know I will if I have to.

I also know what I am in for. Let’s face it.. it’s not pleasant! You are given massive needles which you can feel, you feel every movement and it’s not fun at all. The only thing I look forward to is the “champagne” they give you to relax you and the cup of tea the other side. Watching it is an experience I will say that. Seeing the first egg is so exciting and a moment we will remember for a long time.

Adrian keeps reminding me something our Dr said, one egg, one baby. That’s true but this is a numbers game and we need to make sure we don’t lose all our playing cards in the first round.

Bring on 1pm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Cycle - day 13 - Our 3rd Anniversary

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Please bring on some good news!

A scan this morning left me feeling lost again. There are 12 follicles, most of which are too small but there is one at 14mm and 4 at 9mm. I expected to get the call to cancel the cycle as there is not a lot there to work with. By now they should all be at 18-20mm. But the call came through and we go in again Sat morning to see if any of them have grown some more. There is still hope although my gut is telling me (and my girly bits) that this one is not reacting as well. Last month I felt full and sore and this month so far there is only a little of that. Amazing how the body tells you even before the test results. Hopefully that 'full feeling' will come over the next few days!

I am beginning to get frustrated by the fact that I can't 'do things' with Adrian. I miss getting close to him especially with all these hormones racing around. Another week wait and we are safe.

Our lives in general are so upside down at the moment.. we need to take a breath and relax.. just not sure when that will happen.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Cycle

Back on the drugs and had bloods and an ultrasound on Monday (day 11). We were up in the Hunter for a long weekend (Adrian had a conference too) but it turned out to be rushing around, up there Sunday back Monday, back up Monday afternoon blah blah. I hate rushing around though.. ever since we lost Sophie my stress levels just can't handle it. That and a lot of other things though.

So the ultrasound showed we have 4 follicles over 9mm and a few others which were there but not too big. So now we need to up the Puragon dose from 300 to 400 and see if the little ones grow to match the big ones and they all get to 20mm. I have another scan Thursday and after that we should be given a trigger time, crossing fingers. Hopefully we will get a pick up on the weekend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

What is it with Darwin??

I went to Darwin this weekend to celebrate my best friend's 30th Birthday thinking I would have a lovely weekend with her and her kids but of course nowhere near on cue my period arrives (1 week early) which send me into a complete panic. I called IVF Friday and got no response. Sat morning I tried again and was helped by Karoline. I needed a blood test so found a pathology place and she faxed through the request for bloods. Of course this simple exercise turned into a 3 hour farce.. their fax was not working, there were 40 odd people waiting and I could not book in until I got the fax. I ended up asking the shop next door to help and finally we had the fax! I was stressed and not convinced it would happen at all. Darwin is just so archaic!

I decided to come come early and not jeopardise the cycle so organised to go home Sunday morning. Adrian and I picked up a the drugs from a chemist in town and started the drugs.

This morning I went into Kent Street, had bloods and got the other drugs. Bloods came back great (and finally Darwin's came through!)... we were right to start the cycle! So we are back on Lucrin and Purgeon 300 each day. Time to cross fingers again!