Friday, January 13, 2012

Yay we have a scan booked for the 17th February :) We get to have another better look at Bruiser and see how they are growing. We will also find out if little one is a boy or a girl!!! V thinks LB is a girl, I think LB is a girl and Adrian is not sure but I think is batting for the boys on this just to be different. Either way we win! :) 5 weeks is going to take forever!!
Adrian and I are starting to get used to the idea that in a few months there will be a little one with us. The walls are coming down and we are actually looking at baby things rather than turning away because it hurts too much. There is hope again. This little one is already so loved and it going to bring so much happiness to our lives. We cannot wait to share it with them.
On the home front we have had a busy month. Of course the silly season was upon us and we had a lot of family stay with us. It was lovely to have our house full, lot of people coming and going and the air filled with laughter.
We also added to our menagerie. We adopted Zippah the last Black Lab we rescued as Bella fell in love with him. He actually went to a family and came back to us as their cat was launching itself at him and he was terrified! So we saw that as a sign and the fact that Bella was soooo happy having him around to keep him. But that also meant we cannot foster for a while. Sammy who is now 14 (over 100 in Lab years) is getting really old now and we want her to enjoy her time rather than hide when more fosters come through. She is chilling most days in her fav spot near our side gate where it's cool and she can see everything happening out the front! This decision also led us to our next addition.
Guinness a gorgeous 10 week old Black Kitten who was dumped and hand raised by the local vet. He has slotted in perfectly, not phased by the dogs and lovvvves the rabbits, especially Tilly! He is also a BIG sook and loves to cuddle every chance he gets (after playing and eating of course) which I especially love! Today though Guinness woke up not playing and very sick. He ignored milk and CHICKEN! A trip to the vet revealed a urinary tract blockage (only small thankfully) which could have been lethal if not fixed. Maxi had the same thing at 18 months old 8 years ago and has since been on a strict non preservative diet.. Guinness will be on it now… pretty bad for a 12 week old kitten. Hopefully he will be home tonight :)
Let’s not forget Tilly who is going really well! She had a huge operation just before Christmas to remove cysts from her jaw. It’s often fatal for a rabbit but after drains and squeezing twice a day for a month she seems to be on the mend (crossing everything!!). There is still a lot of gunk coming out but it’s less than before and she is happy and hopping around everywhere.. and she loves Guinness :)
Our house is ‘semi’ back to normal. Our visitors have gone. Bella, Ziggy and Emma are all well and the beautiful King Parrot baby who popped in on us on Sunday has sadly moved on.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

NT scan at 13 weeks!

We are now all breathing a sign of relief :) LB is doing wonderfully! She wiggled and moved around so much the sonographer had trouble getting some of the measurements at first. Then she held her had to her face and kept it there just to annoy her! It took to the end of the session for the sonographer to get a look at her nasal bone but we got there.

Nuchal translucency ultrasound today can be scary.. measuring and lots of silences. The sonographer had never done a surrogacy case and was a little confused about how it all worked. Regardless the measurements were within the normal range, and the crown-rump length put her at 13w gestation with a Heart rate of 155bpm. So exciting!!
A perfect picture for a perfect little one (V is conviced LB is a girl)!! Either is perfect with us :)

We can't wait to see you next time little one!