Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 week scan

Seriously do we care about what bits are where on the ultrasound?? The sonographer pushed us to the limit and gave us NOTHING for what seemed like an eternity. Then she turned the screen and showed V where all her internals are and what ovary she ovulated from... ahhhemmmmm... WT?? HURRY THE HELL UP! We know it's all healthy.. that's how we all got here!

The news was great :) Bruiser is pushing out a heart beat at 132bpm and it looked wonderful.. not that you can really tell at that point, but finally there was a smile from her and it was all good. PHEW... the tension really sucked! There was the beautiful heartbeat, pump, pump, pump... then the scan was over! They didn't spend half as much time on it as they did with LT... I guess because Bruiser is healthier :)

I cried... V cried.. and I cried a whole lot more... How can you not when you see the very real possibility right in front of you.

So we got the pics and an official letter from CFC saying we have a viable pregnancy... which is AWESOME :)))))))

Bloods in the afternoon came back at 63,357... but after seeing the healthy measurements and heartbeat the hCG which was soooo important in the beginning seemed irrelevant. Still that is what we will be holding onto over the coming weeks to make sure LB is going ok.

Lets just hope V doesn't get too much of the dizziness she has been experiencing over the coming weeks. While it's not great for her, it seems it's a good thing with blood flow to Bruiser. Hopefully there is common ground and it's good for both without too much issue.

We just need to hold our breath until after Christmas for the next scan.

Grow Little Bruiser... we are all sending you the best vibes possible! xo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not counting really..

Tomorrow is the scan. 10am is the time. I cannot wait to see Bruiser growing strong.

V was sick last night. She was dizzy, faint, nauseous and exhausted. I didn't experience anything like that with my pregnancies but every one is different. After an orange and a rest it went away but it took a few hours. Of course we googled, and we found these symptoms were very common and linked to low blood pressure in the first trimester. Let's hope it was a one off!

The documentary we are participating in popped its head up again yesterday and again there was a mad panick which fizzled. They will hopefully film the big scan at 12 weeks but that will not be at CFC. So I guess we have to go through the whole getting access for the film crew etc. I am sure it will work out in the end.

Am off to visit a few puppies we cuddled and fostered tonight. Very exciting to see their homes and cuddle them some more!

Our focus is on Bruiser right now though.. See you tomorrow little friend :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I have a spring in my step. Some days life can be like that but the last few years those days have been few and far between. I feel good finally.. my flu has gone..I am sleeping again and there is a very real possibility that we will have a baby in July next year!!!! I keep telling myself not to get too excited but it's like something in universe is telling me this is the one!

I can’t believe we are here… (and yes we have been here before) but the scan is next week and Bruiser is growing so well. hCG on Tuesday 25dpo was 11,547.. that is good.. that is great! Bruiser is above the norm and keeping its head above water. Of course the scan will be nerve-wracking but this time we have zero doubts as there have been no concerns. It is so nice not to be Goggling constantly to try and make sense of the unknown.. this time it's been all great simple Goggling for levels.

I am heading to Canberra to visit V and the Kids next week and am looking forward to seeing them. D is overseas at the moment so I can at least help her with rest and try and keep the kids occupied as much as possible.

On another happy not the puppy we have in foster at the moment was behaving badly and we thought he might not be re-home able, but with some great training techniques given to me by 'The Dog Listener' we have made real progress and he’s now up on the web to find a family!! YAYYYY! It has been hard and tedious but it’s working! I am also off to see The Dog Whisperer tonight. I think I got the last ticket in Sydney and I decided at the last minute after working out the week ahead... very excited about that and I hope I learn a few things in his show!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The waiting game..

With IVF you know so early and you follow every step which is excruciating. The next few months can't go fast enough!

Adrian and I have made the decision not to tell anyone about what is going on at the moment. It's really hard.. We want to yell it from the rafters but we have to wait this time.

This weekend was a test. We had my parents down and it was so hard not to tell them!! We were asked and the standard at the moment is we are waiting for the next cycle and are being monitored. It's not a complete fib.. We are being 'monitored' but for post not pre. But this time we will wait. Adrian's mum asks constantly which is hard but her wait will be worth it in the end :)

At least we were kept busy!

Tomorrow is another big day. Next blood work and hopefully a booking for a scan. We should have high enough hCG!! It has to be over 1000 and going on current levels...well lets not get too carried away :)

I have an app on my phone and with V's cycle dates it shows us hitting 6 weeks on Thursday. I think we are a little behind though as Bruiser took a little time to implant. Kylie... Wait!!!!! Patience is seriously required now...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DPO 18

788, 788, 788 and looking fabulous!! Go Bruiser Go :)

Last time with LT the results at 18dpo were only 287 and that was when we knew something may not be right.

The results at this stage are really promising. We are at the high side of normal and fighting fit.

Wonderful wonderful news!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wasting time

It's a strange time this waiting time. Waiting to see if things work.. if the embie grows and grows in the right way for survival. This waiting is not normal in any way..It tests patience. It tests more than most people can imagine.

Bring on tomorrow for more fantastic news!! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


All looking good! Today's test had an hCG 160, progesterone 161. Yay, double yay, tripple yay!!!!

We are in the normal range for growth. Keep on growing little one :)

I am finally starting to feel normal again although there is still congestion and I still can't hear in my left ear I am finally on the mend. Adrian went to the Gold Coast yesterday for International Rules and is back this afternoon. I am cleaning again :( At least the weather is lovely here!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Best news..

Monday V went in for a blood test which, 10dpo and at that stage there can be some hormone registered. Monday it was 10.1. Surely that is a step in the right direction? Last month it was a 0.. so surely this has to be ok?

Tuesday we got a text message from V... It was POSITIVE!!!!! She could not wait and did a home test which shows when hCG gets to 25... and it appeared! :) That has to be a YES!

Positive! :)
Wednesday 12pdo was the second blood test... hCG 63!! Woooo HOOOOOOO!!! The little 'Bruiser' as V so politely put it has sunk itself into her living and is growing!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Location photo of where I was when I heard the news... YAY!!
The best news!

Tomorrow 14dpo is another test to confirm the rise.. of course it will be going strong cause this little embie is concentrating hard on growing big and strong...Go Brusier Go... I can feel it :)