Monday, February 27, 2012

21 weeks!!

I know I have been completely slack with my updates and the baby is not even here to blame!! I did leave my laptop at V’s last week which gives me a weeks grace.. but what a week it was!!
So, what’s been happening…
We have had 2 midwife visits, 17 and 19 weeks and both times we got to hear Bruiser’s heartbeat!! It is simply the most wonderful thing hearing that thumping away :) Toni our Midwife was lovely and we both felt quite comfortable with her knowledge. Of course she was comfortable with our situation which is also important to us all. One of the questions she asked was whether I would like to ‘catch the baby’! Now that question came completely from left of field.. but how amazing that I may be able to do that! Adrian still feels like he can’t be in the room but I don’t want him to miss a thing with this little miracle. He has agreed that he doesn’t make a decision and just see how it all pans out on the day.
We are going through Canberra Hospital Birthing Suite all going well. I was relieved to know that if Little Bruiser comes early we would be headed straight into the hospital section but if it’s after 38 weeks we can use the birthing suite. V prefers this and our decision was really for her comfort as she’s doing all the hard work. We will be scared anyway given our past and it’s not like the Obstetrics professionals did the right thing by us with Sophie so I think different is better for us all.
Last Friday we had out 19 week scan and surprise surprise the date has been moved. We are now sitting at July 9!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! All the stats were perfect but for the head measurement which was about a week ahead. I am so happy Bruiser is moving along in leaps and bounds but I may have to say sorry to V at a later date :)
We had V’s DS with us (5 yr old) who was rather excited to see the baby! Was funny explaining to him about black and white screens and pointing the different bits we could make out. I really don’t think he was convinced though. I mean a heart looks like this doesn’t it!?
V is also being kicked and punched! Bruiser seems to be giving it a real go.. the more the merrier I say. It makes us all at ease the truth be known!
And on more news we have finally told everyone!!! We called my mum and dad and Adrian’s mum after the scan. Adrian’s mum cried and laughed (At least I think that’s what it was) and my mum got so excited she had to call back to ask if it was ok to tell people… GO FOR IT MUM :):):)
So all is happy and on track. We have another appointment on the Thursday before Easter where we are visiting the hospital to see what we are in for!

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  1. Soooo thrilled for you.
    I'm a friend of Vs and have been watching the journey from her side. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like to be able to share the amazing news with your family and friends.
    May the journey continue well for you all!