Monday, August 27, 2012

Our little man is here!

Ok I have been incredibly slack in updating but there is a wonderful reason and I will get to all the gores eventually :)

After waiting what seems like an eternity at 3.36am on Thursday 19th July little Hamish Donavan Raftery entered the world. We really cannot put into words how we feel because I don’t think there are any that truly mirror them.

Just after!

Mummy and Daddy

Meeting his Tummy Mummy face to face. What an amazing job you did V! :)

Hamish is perfect and here with us and sleeping in the same room. That is something beyond words.

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  1. Such an amazing and inspirational story. You've all been in my heart for so long. We've waited and waited and even I underestimated how overjoyed and relieved I'd feel on the day when I finally got your news.
    I too can't put in to words how happy I am for you all. The most deserving family for the most precious of gifts.