Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another cycle after a disappointing effort last time.

So the last cycle was 21 days and almost a new record for our Dr!

We got 4 eggs which fertilised... but only one was frozen. The highs and lows of this is insane. 1 out of 4 is not good enough.

The problem is this... only 30% of embryos will survive defrosting! I didn't realise this at all! 30% after all we have gone through and here we were thinking we were kicking goals, but the reality is that we may get 2 survive and then after that they have to cement themselves and grow and get to 12 weeks and not miscarry and we all know birth is not a given.

My Dr also told us that 'my body is behaving menopausal' which is not what we wanted to hear at all. So it means that we have to get as many as we can otherwise I may shut down and then nothing... no more eggs.. no more chances. I am only 36!!

So I am back on it again after a month off. We had a scan on Wednesday, a few follicles were there but it was only day 6. Another scan tomorrow and hopefully there will be improvement. Positive thoughts.. positive thoughts.. grow you good things!

I miss Sophie Cleo and I wish we were no where near as experienced in all this as we are.

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  1. I just found this blog from your other blog. I hope I can follow you and support in any way I can. xxx