Monday, May 10, 2010

Bad mother

So I have completely forgotten to write anything about this cycle so here goes.

Day 1 we start jabs again this time using 400units of Puragon. Day 7 ultrasound.. tiny little 5mm blobs on the screen. Day 10 another scan and bloods. One blob measuring 11mm the rest very small. Day 14 a few more blobs and a little growth, one at 14mm and a couple at 11mm. Day 18 another scan and bloods. 4 blobs at 14mm, the rest around 11mm. Going back on day 21 for more bloods and a scan.

So this cycle is stringing out but there is a problem. We leave for London on Saturday!!! Wed is the next scan and lets hope they are happy with it... else we have to do it again, and after 18 days so far on these drugs I don't really want to do that!!

Patience and happy thoughts needed yet again.

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