Sunday, October 2, 2011

The wait game...

Well we got through it!

The Dr was late which made things seem worse. Thank goodness to V's new smartphone to keep her occupied.. and me.. well I just sat and sat and sat. When I am really nervous I can't speak so you can imagine how quiet this waiting room was. Still it's not the place for much conversation because everyone is so nervous!

The procedure went fast again although this time there was no pain for V which is nice! Last time there was a grabber and that was not so nice :( The tube was checked to make sure it had actually been 'placed' and we were off again! It seriously is such a small quick process for something so HUGE.

So we wait again! This bit ISSSSSSS painful and there is nothing you can do. It's up to the embie and the environment to get comfortable, nothing more. No drugs, no science, no prayers, it's nature and the human race will never truly understand why it works or it doesn't.

V has a blood test tomorrow to see if there are any hormones.. cross everything for us!!

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