Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday.. another wait

I spent the day with Kylie and Amanda selling raffle tickets for Bears of Hope so it was a pretty emotional day. I can safely say I am completely shite at trying to force people to buy something! I failed dismally but we got some more awareness raised which is better than any dollar amount.

By 3.15pm we had still not heard anything from IVF.. it is so nerve racking waiting.. waiting! Kylie suggested I call them so I did. They were in the middle of freezing the day's eggs and freezing 3 of ours. No 4 is still trying to grow to that stage so we had to wait overnight.

Monday I left my mobile at home.. grrrr... but I was not expecting another call to be honest. When I got home there was a message telling us that all 4 had made the blacocyst stage and had been frozen!! 100% success this round... WOWWWWW... we now have 6 frosties. That in itself is 6 chances of having a real, live, screaming, gorgeous baby.. a brother or sister for Sophie Cleo. The road is a long one but we have started the hard journey... we are on our way honey!

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