Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bloods again and a fantastic result!!

We spent today with things going on all around us. A handyman came to do some things we were just crap with, and we had a quote for Solar. But when the handyman left we noticed a noise in the Laundry which sounded like sizzling or munching! At first I thought it was mice in the wall but then I noticed water dripping down towards the power point! We quickly called the handyman who high tailed it back and cut a hole in the wall and see 2 holes drilled into the water pipe! So emergency plumber could not come and now we have no water for the next 18 hours :( Cooking dinner tonight was not the most ideal without WATER!

Anyway in the midst of all this V called for her results. I am sure she will be sick of that place by the time we are handed over to the next phase! Her hCG was 2450 today which is FANTASTIC!! YAYYYY and double YAYYYYYYY. Things are moving along well.. just keep growing little munchkin :)

Another test on Tuesday then who knows! When do we get to the good stuff? Bring on week 7!

We are going to see V, her DH, DS and DD next week. We are giving them a night free pass on one of the nights. We have to be able to do something at the moment!!

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