Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 week scan

Seriously do we care about what bits are where on the ultrasound?? The sonographer pushed us to the limit and gave us NOTHING for what seemed like an eternity. Then she turned the screen and showed V where all her internals are and what ovary she ovulated from... ahhhemmmmm... WT?? HURRY THE HELL UP! We know it's all healthy.. that's how we all got here!

The news was great :) Bruiser is pushing out a heart beat at 132bpm and it looked wonderful.. not that you can really tell at that point, but finally there was a smile from her and it was all good. PHEW... the tension really sucked! There was the beautiful heartbeat, pump, pump, pump... then the scan was over! They didn't spend half as much time on it as they did with LT... I guess because Bruiser is healthier :)

I cried... V cried.. and I cried a whole lot more... How can you not when you see the very real possibility right in front of you.

So we got the pics and an official letter from CFC saying we have a viable pregnancy... which is AWESOME :)))))))

Bloods in the afternoon came back at 63,357... but after seeing the healthy measurements and heartbeat the hCG which was soooo important in the beginning seemed irrelevant. Still that is what we will be holding onto over the coming weeks to make sure LB is going ok.

Lets just hope V doesn't get too much of the dizziness she has been experiencing over the coming weeks. While it's not great for her, it seems it's a good thing with blood flow to Bruiser. Hopefully there is common ground and it's good for both without too much issue.

We just need to hold our breath until after Christmas for the next scan.

Grow Little Bruiser... we are all sending you the best vibes possible! xo

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