Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not counting really..

Tomorrow is the scan. 10am is the time. I cannot wait to see Bruiser growing strong.

V was sick last night. She was dizzy, faint, nauseous and exhausted. I didn't experience anything like that with my pregnancies but every one is different. After an orange and a rest it went away but it took a few hours. Of course we googled, and we found these symptoms were very common and linked to low blood pressure in the first trimester. Let's hope it was a one off!

The documentary we are participating in popped its head up again yesterday and again there was a mad panick which fizzled. They will hopefully film the big scan at 12 weeks but that will not be at CFC. So I guess we have to go through the whole getting access for the film crew etc. I am sure it will work out in the end.

Am off to visit a few puppies we cuddled and fostered tonight. Very exciting to see their homes and cuddle them some more!

Our focus is on Bruiser right now though.. See you tomorrow little friend :)

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