Monday, November 14, 2011

The waiting game..

With IVF you know so early and you follow every step which is excruciating. The next few months can't go fast enough!

Adrian and I have made the decision not to tell anyone about what is going on at the moment. It's really hard.. We want to yell it from the rafters but we have to wait this time.

This weekend was a test. We had my parents down and it was so hard not to tell them!! We were asked and the standard at the moment is we are waiting for the next cycle and are being monitored. It's not a complete fib.. We are being 'monitored' but for post not pre. But this time we will wait. Adrian's mum asks constantly which is hard but her wait will be worth it in the end :)

At least we were kept busy!

Tomorrow is another big day. Next blood work and hopefully a booking for a scan. We should have high enough hCG!! It has to be over 1000 and going on current levels...well lets not get too carried away :)

I have an app on my phone and with V's cycle dates it shows us hitting 6 weeks on Thursday. I think we are a little behind though as Bruiser took a little time to implant. Kylie... Wait!!!!! Patience is seriously required now...

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  1. Hey lovely! Crappy about the parents - can't they just learn not to ask?? Hopefully you won't have to lie.. erm, not say the truth to them for much longer. Re hCG, according most of the charts, I think we should be hitting about 9000 if it has been going at a similar rate as before - but don't forget that it can slow down quite a bit after you get into the thousands... Relax! Call you tonight.