Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I have a spring in my step. Some days life can be like that but the last few years those days have been few and far between. I feel good finally.. my flu has gone..I am sleeping again and there is a very real possibility that we will have a baby in July next year!!!! I keep telling myself not to get too excited but it's like something in universe is telling me this is the one!

I can’t believe we are here… (and yes we have been here before) but the scan is next week and Bruiser is growing so well. hCG on Tuesday 25dpo was 11,547.. that is good.. that is great! Bruiser is above the norm and keeping its head above water. Of course the scan will be nerve-wracking but this time we have zero doubts as there have been no concerns. It is so nice not to be Goggling constantly to try and make sense of the unknown.. this time it's been all great simple Goggling for levels.

I am heading to Canberra to visit V and the Kids next week and am looking forward to seeing them. D is overseas at the moment so I can at least help her with rest and try and keep the kids occupied as much as possible.

On another happy not the puppy we have in foster at the moment was behaving badly and we thought he might not be re-home able, but with some great training techniques given to me by 'The Dog Listener' we have made real progress and he’s now up on the web to find a family!! YAYYYY! It has been hard and tedious but it’s working! I am also off to see The Dog Whisperer tonight. I think I got the last ticket in Sydney and I decided at the last minute after working out the week ahead... very excited about that and I hope I learn a few things in his show!

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