Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New cycle - Day 14

Tuesday 16th Feb – More bloods and an Ultrasound. Today we have 2 at 21mm and 3 around 18mm. I have no idea how much is their minimum for continuing to retrieval? The wait continues! They look like this on the ultrasounds.
I am feeling a little low this morning. So scared that they will cancel because there aren't enough there. This roller coaster is harder than I thought. There are ups and downs almost every day and we are only at the start. I need to calm myself down because we are going to have to continue this for a while yet and I can’t keep being so unlevel. It’s hard though.. so hard. All we want is a couple to get to freeze and I can relax... we can go again but know that there are some there.

Got the call!!! At 2.15pm we are all set to go. 10pm tonight we 'trigger' and 9.30am Thursday we rock and roll!

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