Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3 to day 5...

Sunday afternoon we were out house hunting and we got the call to say we had 3 growing nicely. One at 10 cells and 2 at 8 cells! Great work team!!! We are so happy to get this far...This waiting game sure is hard though.. you live day by day watching and waiting for news and hoping that it is all good.

So Monday comes and goes and we wait again. Day 4 over without any hick ups.

Day 5, Tuesday afternoon arrives and we are told we have 2 healthy embies frozen and one which is now a Blastocyst but not far enough to freeze. Thy are waiting overnight to see how it progresses. We are crossing all our fingers and toes!

We have 2 frosties!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!! We now have 2 placed in cryostorage. They lower their temperature to that of liquid nitrogen (-196°C). At this temperature, embryos can be stored until they are needed for later transfer. A tiny droplet of cryopreservant fluid containing an embryo holds to its vitrification hook.. how amazing!

Now..bring on the 6 month wait...

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