Thursday, February 18, 2010

First collection

Well we did it. At 10am this morning they were able to get 3 eggs! There were 5 follicles but only 3 had mature eggs. YAYYYYYYYY!!! To be honest I was not sure what to expect with the whole procedure but for me it was more emotional that painful. Knowing why we are here and what we have lost made it harder. Adrian was wonderful as he always is. I just wish I could give him what he deserves without all this hassle but we just can't...

So 3 is a start and now we play the waiting game again. The first step is they need to fertilise overnight. From then if they get to day 3 we get a call letting us know their progress. If they continue to day 5 they freeze them. I am crossing everything that we get them over the goal line. Just one for now.. we are not greedy.. just want something to focus on!

We also talked about continuing with the drugs for the next cycle. May as well get as many as we can! I can start the whole thing as soon as I get my next period!

I am grateful I have such a wonderful and understanding husband.

Cross, cross, cross...

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