Monday, March 15, 2010

Collection No.2

Sat morning we headed in for a 7am scan and blood test. There are 4 follicles at 14mm and one at 18mm. I expected them to call and say it is cancelled but at 12.30pm Heather called to say we can trigger at 1am! YAY!! The 5 are looking good.

I am nervous about this one. We were successful last time and this time there is pressure of a different kind. I want more then last time! The trouble is there might be 5 follicles but only 3 eggs like last time.. and then we might lost one again. I want 5 from 5!! I don’t want to have to go through all this another 3-4 times to get what we need but I know I will if I have to.

I also know what I am in for. Let’s face it.. it’s not pleasant! You are given massive needles which you can feel, you feel every movement and it’s not fun at all. The only thing I look forward to is the “champagne” they give you to relax you and the cup of tea the other side. Watching it is an experience I will say that. Seeing the first egg is so exciting and a moment we will remember for a long time.

Adrian keeps reminding me something our Dr said, one egg, one baby. That’s true but this is a numbers game and we need to make sure we don’t lose all our playing cards in the first round.

Bring on 1pm.

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