Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Cycle - day 13 - Our 3rd Anniversary

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Please bring on some good news!

A scan this morning left me feeling lost again. There are 12 follicles, most of which are too small but there is one at 14mm and 4 at 9mm. I expected to get the call to cancel the cycle as there is not a lot there to work with. By now they should all be at 18-20mm. But the call came through and we go in again Sat morning to see if any of them have grown some more. There is still hope although my gut is telling me (and my girly bits) that this one is not reacting as well. Last month I felt full and sore and this month so far there is only a little of that. Amazing how the body tells you even before the test results. Hopefully that 'full feeling' will come over the next few days!

I am beginning to get frustrated by the fact that I can't 'do things' with Adrian. I miss getting close to him especially with all these hormones racing around. Another week wait and we are safe.

Our lives in general are so upside down at the moment.. we need to take a breath and relax.. just not sure when that will happen.

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