Monday, March 1, 2010

What is it with Darwin??

I went to Darwin this weekend to celebrate my best friend's 30th Birthday thinking I would have a lovely weekend with her and her kids but of course nowhere near on cue my period arrives (1 week early) which send me into a complete panic. I called IVF Friday and got no response. Sat morning I tried again and was helped by Karoline. I needed a blood test so found a pathology place and she faxed through the request for bloods. Of course this simple exercise turned into a 3 hour farce.. their fax was not working, there were 40 odd people waiting and I could not book in until I got the fax. I ended up asking the shop next door to help and finally we had the fax! I was stressed and not convinced it would happen at all. Darwin is just so archaic!

I decided to come come early and not jeopardise the cycle so organised to go home Sunday morning. Adrian and I picked up a the drugs from a chemist in town and started the drugs.

This morning I went into Kent Street, had bloods and got the other drugs. Bloods came back great (and finally Darwin's came through!)... we were right to start the cycle! So we are back on Lucrin and Purgeon 300 each day. Time to cross fingers again!

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