Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Cycle

Back on the drugs and had bloods and an ultrasound on Monday (day 11). We were up in the Hunter for a long weekend (Adrian had a conference too) but it turned out to be rushing around, up there Sunday back Monday, back up Monday afternoon blah blah. I hate rushing around though.. ever since we lost Sophie my stress levels just can't handle it. That and a lot of other things though.

So the ultrasound showed we have 4 follicles over 9mm and a few others which were there but not too big. So now we need to up the Puragon dose from 300 to 400 and see if the little ones grow to match the big ones and they all get to 20mm. I have another scan Thursday and after that we should be given a trigger time, crossing fingers. Hopefully we will get a pick up on the weekend!

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