Friday, April 15, 2011

1st Transfer - 15 April

It's done... OMG!!

We were called in at 7.30am and given paperwork to check. Then in a short 5 mins our healthy little embie was implanted!! By 7.55am this morning we were back in the waiting room all done. Bloods were then taken and we have to call at 2 to see if V needs to take progesterone over the next week or not. It's all very surreal to he honest. Waiting so long for something so quick... Wow. V and I were left looking at each other as if 'is that it?'

On Wednesday V has a blood test and that may read positive because of the ovulation drugs. Then next Saturday another blood test will confirm if there are more hormones or none. We don't even have to have the 2WW! Btw we want HORMONES!!!

Find that perfect little spot little embie and Grow, grow, grow!

Thinking sticky thoughts right now!!!!

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