Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What day are we on?

I think we are on day 11 after ovulation but the embie was 5 days when thawed and implanted on day 6 but V's day 7... so does that make us day 12? Ahhhhhh!!!!

I got a cute message from V this morning asking me if I wanted her to do my head in. I am already doing my own head in so of course I want to know what's gong on in her mind.. and her body!

She said this morning she fet sick, as in 'breath through the feeling' kind of sickness! So many things run through your head. Could it be the progesterone she had last night? Could it still be the Overdril in her system? (surely not by now!). Is it just Psychosomatic because we want this so much? Doing our heads in is right!!

After telling me about the sickness V then told me because it was doing her head in she did a pregnancy test...and then a second one... both were positive!?? Is that left over HCG from Overdril????? Or are we actually positive??

V said tomorrow morning she will do another test just to see if it is real and then have the bloods done at the clinic. 2pm we find out the results.. although on transfer day we were told she still may get a false positive on Wednesday? Surely the hCG would be out of her system by now!?

I can't let myself think ahead just yet so Dr Google has been counting out most of what I was thinking... but it's still all just speculation though isn't it. In any case we are so much further along than we were even a month ago and it's sooooooo exciting!

Keep happy little embie... GROW, GROW, GROWWWWWWWWWWW!

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