Sunday, April 24, 2011

The call we had been waiting for...Happy Easter!

The Wednesday tests were very positive. V's Progesterone was at 90 odd and her hCG was 30.5 which technically means PREGNANT!! The test on Sat is to confirm if the levels are rising along with a growing and happy pregnant.


Sat morning V, D, and their two beautiful children dropped in on us on their way to MIL's for Easter. The results for the bloods were available at 12pm today as it's a long weekend so we called at 12 and of course the phone was engaged (as always at this time of the day)! Finally the receptionist picked up BUT she can't give results and the nurse was unavailable, so we left a message for the nurse to call on my mobile.

Killing time outside blowing bubbles with the kids we missed the call back, so I called again. Jenny the nurse was finally available and the news was wonderful. It is confirmed we a healthy embie growing very well indeed in V's amazing oven!!! V's Progesterone was at 170 odd (she is still taking supplements), but the big thing was her hCG was at 117!!! Generally it doubles ever 48-72 hours but this little munchkin is barrelling through. We expected it may be at 90 with this test!

Getting the news with all of us together was so important now that I look at it. V and I tried to hold back the tears but HOW EXCITING!!! We are pregnant!!! After all the tests, drugs, bloods, scans, interviews, paperwork and waiting rooms it has all been worth it.

For now we hold our breath for the next 8 weeks :)

Baby due 1.1.2012...

This is somthing I found on the web.. a calculator or sorts with averages etc showing where we are.

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