Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally a date!!

So we finally got a date for the transfer!! V has been going to the clinic for bloods and ultrasounds and on Friday was given the Overdrel injection for ovulation. They mentioned it might be Friday next week, then there was silence...I hate silence! So yesterday afternoon I called the clinic to confirm the next steps.. we didn't want to wait anymore.. it's all set for Friday at 10am. Yayyyyy!!

Another phone call brought some more exciting news this afternoon. Dr D called to say the embryo they chose had survived the thaw and was all ready! Double, triple yay!! Funny I had not really thought about when it would be defrosted but I guess I thought it would be in the morning.

Of course nothing goes smoothly and in the final hour the transfer time was changed to 7.30am so we had to come up with plan B for the kids. Thank goodness for V's quick thinking. It was sorted before we knew it! 

I have been staying with V and her two beautiful children this week and it's been great spending quality time with them. I am of course still in awe she is doing this for us. OMG it's just hit me... It's tomorrow!!!!

I hope we get some slept tonight!

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